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501 4th Ave NW Rochester, MN 55901

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Wash your dog and leave the mess to us!

One of the worst parts of washing your dog at home is the huge mess that's left afterward. The hair can clog your drain and is annoying to clean up, and getting your dog dry can be difficult unless you have specialized drying equipment.


Solve all of these problems by using our convenient self-service dog wash!

Use our tubs, towels, dryer, and other equipment to wash your dog. When you're done, you don't even have to clean up - we'll handle the messy cleanup for you! The price is just $15-20, and it's a hassle-free way to have a clean dog again. Coming soon!


Want even more convenience? Check out our grooming services and leave all the work and clean up to us!

How the self service dog wash works

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